R&M PHOTOGRAPHIE is a self-taught artist based in Paris, free-lance professional photographer and photo retoucher.
A brand name he has chosen.
RM PHOTOGRAPHIE is not an agency, but an independent artist indeed.



« Passionate lover of art and brimming with curiosity, I have always loved discovering an acquiring know-how in areas that used to remain unkown for me. And this curiosity lead me to get interested in photography, inter alia, and to finally become a professional photographer.

Inspired by famous paintings, cinematographic films et major brands advertising, both by their artistry and technical side (spirit, artistic direction, fashion design, colorimetry, lighting, composition, scenario, etc.), I have dreamt of creating my own pictures. So I decided to self-learn and to work hard photography to finally carry out by myself the images and colors that my mind can imagine.
Pushed by this passion and highly ambitious, I successfully became a photographer with a unique vision, improving myself constantly, and I even evolve now to nearby artistic disciplines such as videography, cinematography, music… »


« At first, I started to work as a wedding photographer in Paris, then throughout France.
I was exclusively specialized in the marriage area for several years. With growing talent and skills, I have quickly reached the professional level.

Then I made numerous artist photo books and professional portraits. Models, actors, singers, musicians, other artists and personnalities who whished to do a photo shoot. As well as individuals that have always dreamt to afford a photo shoot for themselves. I have always known perfectly how to meet my clients’ expectations whatever the field and the client’s personality.

At least, by my style, my unique vision, and above all, the “high-end” mind I tried to bring out from RM PHOTOGRAPHIE, I finally attracted the interest of fashion designers, commercials,  brands, to make their photographs, collection catalogs of clothes or products, campaign advertising, website, … Now I introduce myself as a commercial and fashion photographer, that is closer to my inspirations than wedding photography, although I still respond to marriage photographer requests as well as, photo books and other photo shoot inquiries.

That is how I gained experience and I extend to nearby artistic areas, while improving and perfecting in those I have already acquired. And that allow me to never get uninspired and to always stay creative.

So I would be glad to use my talent, skills and passion to create for you the most beautiful images and bring a unique « plus » to what you were initially looking for. »

Why choose r&m photographie?

A passionate and ambitious artist

« For me, photography is the art of transcribing through a photograph the emotions and the beauty a view, an idea, a subject, a moment, can offer, and to immortalize it in the most beautiful manner while maintaining all the sensitivity of the moment. Because our sight is a treasure, we all feel the pleasure to supply it with enjoyable things to contemplate.

The purpose of each of my shots : the fusion of quality and emotion. »

A professional photographer with a unique vision

« Mindful to perfect each detail of my productions, I show an extreme rigor in my work. Because your image is important, and nowadays, everything goes through photography. You will get thanks to RM PHOTOGRAPHIE pictures up to your ambitions.
Trust a professional photographer who constantly look for an evolution and will make you grow with him.

Like R&M PHOTOGRAPHIE, aim the high-end and show that for you too, quality has a primary importance.

If you have been affected by the artistic mind of my shots, the quality of my website, the rigor of my work…
If you have been sensitive to what I transcribe through my pictures.
If you already imagine your photo shoot made by RM PHOTOGRAPHIE.

Then do not hesitate any longer, your intuition is not wrong. It is difficult to choose a photographer and you must select the one you had a crush on..

Also, I invite you to directly contact me by phone or email. We’ll be able to set up an appointment because it is very important to meet your provider. »

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*All the photographs, retouching, videos, graphic design, and even the website and its design, were made entirely by R&M PHOTOGRAPHIE.